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Media Outlets Everyone is looking for a story.  ZiaPoll will help you determine which of those stories is important to New Mexicans.  Run a poll with your own questions or request a question be added to our NM Statewide Quarterly Survey.

Candidates / Consultants Data helps win elections.  ZiaPoll provides a cost effective way to survey potential voters and gauge public opinion; helping you achieve better campaign results with targeted marketing efforts, saving you time and money.


order Lyrica Market research is essential to creating a successful marketing strategy as well as fostering a relationship with your customers.  ZiaPoll can gather and analyze data to help your business make more informed decisions.

Associations / Interest Groups If you have a stake in influencing government policy, knowing where the public stands is essential.  Leveraging this information can be the difference between success and failure.

Writing + recording

get link Tell us what you want to know and we will create an effective script to help you achieve accurate results.

Conduct Survey

agence de rencontres bordeaux We will conduct your survey based upon pre-specified parameters to reach your target demographics.

Professional Analysis

follow site We will calculate and compute your survey’s topline and run detailed cross-tabulation reports for key questions.

The Quarterly

como conocer a una chica en la universidad To date, our quarterly NM Statewide poll has received an average 17.65% live answer response rate… New Mexicans love participating and letting their voice be heard! Is there something you want to learn about the NM public? Talk with one of our team members about the possibility of adding a question to our next poll.
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Press Pass

paginas para conocer personas de diferentes paises Members of the press are afforded a complementary all-access pass to our complete quarterly reports, including:

1. Press release

2. Top line document showing the instrument and frequencies for each question

3. Cross tabs. Typically provided for Age, Party, Sex, Ethnicity, Income, Employment, and Marital Status

4. Weighting table (available upon request)

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