Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump by 5 points in New Mexico

The state-wide survey, conducted by ZiaPoll on September 24-25, has Hillary Clinton polling at 41.8 percent, Donald Trump at 36.6 percent, and former New Mexico Governor and Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson at 16 percent going into October. Undecided voters made up 3 percent while the remaining 2 percent said they would vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

If you were standing in the voting booth right now and had to make a choice for president, for whom would you vote?

When pushed for a decision to select a candidate, undecided voters leaned heavily in favor of Trump, 43 percent, and Johnson, 33 percent, with Clinton only getting 8 percent of the undecided vote. Although the undecided vote is not enough to swing the election as of right now, it does point to the fact that as the race tightens, Trump and Johnson are pulling much of the undecided votes from Clinton.


{For those who are undecided} Which presidential candidate do you lean toward the most?

When looking at approval ratings, the Democrat and Republican nominee both have very high unfavorable ratings. Half of survey respondents said they had a very unfavorable view of Donald Trump while 44 percent said the same for Clinton.


Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Donald Trump?

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Hillary Clinton?

When looking at Republicans specifically, just over 25 percent of those who responded said they have a very or somewhat unfavorable view of Trump while 20 percent of Democrats have a very or somewhat unfavorable view of Clinton.


With less than 6 weeks to go before Election Day, New Mexico still looks somewhat purple. The poll shows about 12 percent of Republicans and Democrats reported they still may change their minds before election day.


Which statement best describes you?

“It is exciting to launch ZiaPoll’s first official New Mexico statewide scientific poll. Our mission is simple. Report The Pulse of New Mexico, using a scientific and unbiased method,” said Brandon Gregoire, co-founder of ZiaPoll. “The election for president of the United States is pretty tight in our state giving both major parties a shot. And who knows, if Governor Johnson is able to get a seat at the next debate, the gap between Clinton and Trump will likely get even smaller!”


Additional Take-Aways

  • One-third of those surveyed said creating jobs and the economy was the most important issue to them
  • When asked about reinstating the death penalty in New Mexico, 62.3 percent of respondents were in support of the death penalty and 28.7 percent said they opposed it
  • Clinton leads Trump by 4 points among men and 13 points among women
  • Trump carried 56.1 percent of voters ages 18-24, while Johnson and Clinton were tied at 22 percent
  • Voters in the 25-34 age group favored Trump 38.2 percent, Johnson 30.8 percent and Clinton at 22.9 percent


NM Statewide Poll: Likely Voters, 09-24-16


About This Poll

ZiaPoll asked questions of New Mexico likely voters as part of ZiaPoll’s inaugural New Mexico statewide quarterly poll.


The scientific study was conducted from September 24 – 25, 2016 with 1,415 likely New Mexico voters selected at random statewide from an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) survey. The sample was weighted by age, political party, and congressional district in order to reflect the New Mexico likely voter population for a general election. The data was weighted using a layered technique.


The sample reflects the traditional demographical profile of New Mexico likely voters. The study has a Margin of Error (MoE) of ± 2.6 percent.


This poll conforms to the Standards of Disclosure of the National Council on Public Polls.